coronavirus venice

Alone in Venice

The Coronavirus in Venice – Alone at home. Coronavirus – Venice, how are we doing? Well, I have my family,

How to get rid of the elderly

Herd Immunity and Cynicism

The complete shutdown of Italy What is herd immunity? Venice has lost all of its income from the tourist sector.

tourists abandon venice

Venice – A Ghost Town

The tourists are abandoning Venice The Coronavirus has now reached approximately 3500 infected in Italy. In Veneto, it’s more than

corona virus

Venice in Quarantine

The Corona virus We are facing hard times. The globe is shrinking and another threat to the world’s population has

Carnival 2020

Venice Carnival 2020 Venice Carnival 2020 The Carnival 2020 and its participants are a colorful parade. And although you can find them

traveling in the winter

Traveling in the Winter

Traveling in the winter is awesome. At least I have always liked the winter holidays. Not only for skiing, ice-skating,

low tides

Low Tides

Low tides in Venice It’s really amazing how life changes sometimes. Not more than 2 months ago we had the

pollution of the air

Pollution of the Air

These days we’re suffering from pollution of the air. The whole northern Italy, as well as other parts of Europe,

Ghosts and Phantoms

Ghosts and phantoms in Venice We’re in the darkest time of the year… And the coldest. The traditional holidays, Christmas,

santa maria della salute

Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute. The impressive cathedral on the south side of the inlet to Canal Grande from the south,

floods in venice

Floods in Venice

Floods in Venice This time I’m not going to write about all the water pouring into the city from the

venice under water

Venice under water

Venice under water Today at 10 am. the water in Venice was 144 cm. So, we who live here, all

sailing in venice

Venice Hospitality Challenge

    Sailing in Venice Sailing in Venice is a wonderful experience. The lagoon waters are shallow and unpredictable. The

autumn in venice

Autumn in Venice

Autumn in Venice. It’s getting colder. It’s not like the air is making clouds coming out from my mouth, but

spritz veneziano

Spritz Veneziano

Spritz Veneziano What’s up with that? Well, the Spritz Veneziano is the most famous drink in Venice. recognized by the

venice film festival

Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival The Venice Film Festival is over. It started August 28 and ended September 7. 21 films competed

venice aliens

Venice Aliens

The lagoon, Eternity and the Venice Aliens  The other day I read an article by Nicolò Porcelluzzi. The name of

venice art biennale

Venice Art Biennale

Venice Art Biennale without paying a cent Venice Art Biennale at Giardini and Arsenale costs 25 euro. Not much in

venice weather

Venice weather

Venice weather Here we are, sitting in the shadow of a big elm tree. Not really doing anything just suffering

cruise ship incident

Cruise Ship Incident

Once again there has been a Cruise Ship incident. A ship went out of control in the Giudecca Canal right



Redentore – The Redeemer The Feast of the Redentore is a traditional main event in Venice. Fireworks, Mass, eating and

bagage carousel

Baggage Carousel

The Baggage Carousel So, I came back home again. This time I traveled from Copenhagen in Denmark and just like

venice boat show

Venice Boat Show 2019

The first Venice Boat Show It began in 2002 with a modest opening. Local boat clubs and local contractors joined

cruise ship accident

Cruise ship accident

Cruise ship accident Today, Sunday, June the 2nd 2019 there was an accident with a cruise ship in the Giudecca

roof top terrace

Rooftop Terrace

L’Altana The rooftop terrace, or as it is called in Italian; L Altana. They are visible everywhere. High up there,

25th april

25th April

What is it about the 25th of April? Well, first of all, the 25th of April is a public holiday.

best coffee in venice

Best coffee in Venice

You may not know this, but Venice was actually the coffee capital during the Renaissance. The best Coffee in the

earthquakes in italy

Earthquakes in Italy

Earthquakes in Italy and Venice. Look at the picture. On top of the pillars, there should be two statues, one

venice caffè

The Venice Caffè culture

Venice caffè and Coffee shop scams is a popular argument. Every now and then, you read in a newspaper, or

meaning of carnival

Carnevale di Venezia II

What is the meaning of the Carnival? Just the other day I was talking to a friend of mine. He’s

carnevale di venezia

Carnevale di Venezia I

So it has begun. The Carnival of Venice, La Carnevale di Venezia. This year’s theme is The Moon, our friend in the darkness. Like a schoolkid of a friend …

the malta incident

The Malta Incident

Without entering a political discussion, but acknowledging the delicacy of the matter, I just want to put some light on


La Frittella Veneziana

Every February, or sometimes in March, for a few weeks Venice becomes a playground for adults. The city is invaded

the best time to visit venice

The best time to visit Venice

There are two periods of the year when Venice is a little less crowded. It’s November and it’s January. Every

romeo and juliette

Romeo and Juliette

This morning I found this boat. Is it sunk because of the heavy rains? Or was it the high water?

high water

High Water

Acqua Alta. Monday the 29th October 2018 at 3 p.m. the water level reached 156centimeters over standard sea level. That’s