Venetian food and drink.

Venetian food and drink is a delicate matter. Just like every other major tourist destination, you will have to take great care when choosing your restaurants, osterias, trattorias, or pizzerias. There are lots of rip-offs out there.

But with a little touch of normal caution, and a few tips from me, or from your hotel manager, taxi driver, gondolier, or anyone else who is familiar with the city, you will enter a new world of culinary experiences. Because in Venice it is possible to eat divinely if you know where to go.

So I’m going to tip you off in the right direction. A basic piece of advice is to look for locals and step away from that main street. Often the best bargains are just a few yards to the left or the right from where you are, in a different direction. That way you are also likely to get lost…

And that’s one of the best ways to experience the lagoon city.