Venice Carnival 2020

Venice Carnival 2020

The Carnival 2020 and its participants are a colorful parade. And although you can find them all around, it’s Saint Mark’s Square that is the meeting point. On the Square, there is the Best Mask Contest every day around noon, so it’s natural that they all meet there. Then, off course, Piazza San Marco is the center of Venice, and it’s even more so in Carnival-times.

Carnival 2020
3 beautiful and colorful pairs in front of the Basilica

Serious Competitors

To me, one of the best parts of the Carnival is walking around in Saint Mark’s Square and just admire all the beautiful dresses and masks. I don’t think there’s any other Carnival ou there, where people take the dressing up so seriously. Not only do some spend weeks of sowing and coloring, but they also spend hundreds of euros on the outfit… Even thousand of euros.

Carnival 2020
Good looking fellow…
Carnival 2020
… But the best was the tail. A fully perpared Dinner-table

I talked to one today who was dressed in an original outfit from the beginning of 1800. He had rented it from Milan and brought it here, just to participate in the Venice Carnival 2020. In Venice, the Masquerade is for real.

The Beauty of the Carnival 2020

Scary dress on Saint Mark's Square
Arrgh… Help!!!

Many just put on the Mask. The rest is normal clothing. But even so, the fact that jìyou can’t see who it is, makes your perception wobble a little. You feel insecure, and maybe a bit aroused by the anonymousness of it all. That is the essence of the Carnival, the original ingredient… You are incognito. 

The Maskerade is when you can behave just like you want without having to answer for it afterward. For good or for worse, because there’s always a little risk with not knowing who the other person is… That’s why Napoleon banished all festivities that included a hidden face. He didn’t trust his subordinates. And right he did. Venice and the Venetians were not easily conquered and they weren’t all that happy with the French having crushed the republic and made them an oppressed people. 

Let’s remember all the oppressed people out there, and let’s make the Carnival 2020 shine for them.Basilica di Carnevale

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