Venice Hospitality Challenge



Sailing in Venice

Sailing in Venice is a wonderful experience. The lagoon waters are shallow and unpredictable. The winds turn and twist between the many islands and just as you’ve decided what to do when to turn, and what sails to use, the winds change and you have to start all over again.

The environment is spectacular… Of course. We’re talking about one of the most famous cities in the world and the background with the Belltower and the Doge’s palace is like a dream scenography. 

On the 19th of October 2019, this was the spot for the 6th edition of Venice Hospitality Challenge, the first of two major yacht racing, sailing events in Venice. The other one being the Veneziana, the day after. 

The 2019 race

sailing in venice
Here Arca loses the race.

Anyway, at 13.30 on Saturday, the yacht took off. Going east right in front of the Doge’s palace, with Vaporettos, taxis, and all kinds of watercraft crossing from here to there in the middle of the yachts. It was a chaotic order that resulted in a perfect start without incidents and without major pronìblems for public transport as well as any other of the many boats running back and forth in the Saint Mark’s basin. That alone was something of a miracle.

Sailing in Venice – missing the departure

The Arca – Cà Segredo Hotel, one of the favorites, got a head start, flying away in the head of the field. Just seconds after the start, the jury with the President of the Regatta Alfredo Ricci called back the five first yacht to restart since they had crossed the line in advance. And there Arca lost the race.

Way of Life – Gritti Palace

Instead, the Way of Life – Gritti Palace could dominate from start to finish. With no tactical mistakes and no need to take risks, the skipper Gasper Vincec could easily maintain the distance to the others.  The second boat was Golfo di Trieste – Molino Stucky, who boarded a full women crew with the skipper Francesca Clapcich.

In the second category, Classe 2, the winner was Idrusa – Palazzina Grassi with the skipper Paolo Montefusco. 

sailing in venice
Idrusa – Palazzina
sailing in venice
Golfo di Trieste – Molino Stucky