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All About Venice. About me

I live in Venice but I’m not from here. Actually, I’m not even Italian. I come from another European country, further north. The first time I came here was more than 20 years ago.

I asked a souvenir shop owner for the bus to Saint Marks’ Square. He laughed and explained about the nature of the city…..

After that I traveled Italy, I lived for 3 years in Emilia Romagna but there was always something pulling me away… Some invisible, very long and extremely stretched rubber band continued to draw and haul in this direction.

sea mew on the canalVenice is like that. It has to do with the magic of her. She is old and sad like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard and she has that same dark, sleepy attraction. She’s the sparkling star from the past.


I got a job here and stayed. Then I found a woman, the one and only woman and we moved in together, had kids and got older.

In all those years, living in Venice, I’ve run across tourists from America, from France, from Russia, from China and from every other country in every corner of the world. And I’ve helped them to find their hotel, I’ve put them on the right track for various tourist attractions, I’ve gotten them out of all kinds of strange places at high water and I’ve helped them find transport to this and that.

About me All About Venice


All About Venice. About me

Then I started looking at all tourist sites and YouTube channels and I realized that almost all of the good tourist information available is from people who don’t live here. And it’s obvious that someone who is an expert on Venice but does not actually live his life here has a different view of the city. You can’t ignore that.

So since I’m one of those very few who stay and intend to stay for a bit, I figured, why not make a website from my point of view? From a resident point of view?


English is not my native tongue. So if you find something wrong in the text, spelling or some word, or phrase coming out in an awkward way, know that I’m not English and be grateful for all the other stuff that makes sense… If any. Writing in English is nor fast nor easy… but hey I’m doing my best. More than that I can’t do.

I just hope it’s enough and that you still enjoy my efforts. After all, as one of my old teachers used to say, it’s the facts that count. And that’s a fact!

So please don’t go away! Stay, look around and if you like it, write a comment and come back. If you don’t like it, write a comment to help me get better… And then come back all the same… I’ll be here.