Parking in Venice

Finding a Parking lot in Venice

This happened a few years ago. Four slightly woozy guys from Jesolo, who had spent the evening in Venice, partying, decided to do something very unusual… Or was it that the just couldn’t find the parking in Venice? Anyway, the bridge is Ponte di Calatrava between Piazzale Roma and the train station… And yes, they had to pay a heavy fine.


So no, you can not drive your car in Venice. You have to park it somewhere, and for that, you have a few alternatives:

Park in Venice.

Pros… It’s easy to get to your hotel or apartment.

Cons… It’s expensive. 20 – 32 euro a day.

Park on the street in Mestre or Marghera (White parking lines. The blue ones are paid parking lots)

Pros… It,s absolutely free of charge

Cons… It could be complicated to get to Venice and it’s not very safe. If you have a foreign car it’s right out unsafe.

Park right before the bridge to Venice in a paid and fenced parking lot.

Pros… It’s safe and it doesn’t have to be very expensive.

Cons… It’s a bit more complicated to get to Venice, compared to parking at Piazzale Roma. But then again not really as you’ll see.

Park at the brand new free parking lot, right at the beginning of the Bridge

Pros… It’s free, and it’s right at the beginning of the Bridge to Venice

Cons… It’s not as safe as in a fenced parking lot, it’s a bit isolated, and it’s a 500 meters walk to the nearest bus stop. 

Parking in Venice.

parking venice
autorimessa Comunale

Around Piazzale Roma, there are a few parking lots, of which the best and biggest is Aurorimessa Comunale. It has room for 2182 cars and 300 motorcycles, mostly indoors. And it’s the cheapest one around Piazzale Roma at 26 euro/24 hours. They give you a 10% discount if you manage to book online. Google Maps.

There’s a new 12 euro prize for Venezia-Unica Card holders. It’s not a full day but 20 hours. This is by far the most convenient tariff in Venice right now. You need the Card though.

park venice
Garage San Marco left
Garage Sant’Andrea right

Then there is Garage San Marco a little bit further ahead if you turn right at the end of the building and follow it all the way down to the end. Here you pay 32 euro/24h. Google Maps. Both these garages have night parking. 15 euros evening till morning.

In front of Garage San Marco, in the same building as Autorimessa Comunale but at the back, there is Garage Sant’Andrea. This is just for short stays since they don’t tariff for 24 hours. Price is 7 euro/2 h. So you should stay for a maximum of 8 hours. Google Maps

Facing the square, there is Autopark Doge where the price is 35 euro/24 h.

Right on the square, you can park for 30 minutes for free. You have to get the ticket from one of the machines though, even if you don’t pay.

A little bit further away there is Park Nethus/GMP. Price is 20 euro/24h. Attention! Price is from midnight to midnight. For shorter stays, it’s 2 euro/h. Google Maps

Last but not least there is Venezia Tronchetto Parking at the Tronchetto Island. The price here is 21 euro/24 h. It’s a bit off the tourist trails but it rooms almost 4000 cars so in summer or around Carnival and other holidays when the other parking lots in Venice are full, it is still almost always possible to find a spot here. Google Maps

Park on the street in Mestre or Marghera.

This is not a very rational alternative. It’s unsafe and you’ll lose a lot of time. You’ll have to park far away from the center because all the streets in Mestre center and around the train station have blue lines, which means you will have to pay. The best bet is to park outside the city, but close to some bus or the excellent tram going from Favaro to Venice.

Close to the Train Station in Mestre, there are a few parking lots. From here you have a wide choice of buses and trains.

In Marghera, it’s a little bit easier, although the streets close to the station have blue lines here as well. Park close to line 6, 6L or 66. (Everything with a 6 on it goes to Marghera.).

Now you could just bite the apple and park inside the blue lines, close to the train or buses that will take you to Venice in 15 minutes, but it will still cost you around 8 euro for the whole day and at that point, it’s much better to…

Park at some of the parking lots right before the Ponte della Libertà (Bridge to Venice).

Going towards Venice on Via della Liberta, just after you

Venice parking

pass the big office building with glass windows and then the infamous Expo Venice, there are 5 parking lots on your right. The first one has an entrance from the main road. Just stop at your right where you see the sign: Parking.

100 meters further ahead you can turn right and there are 4 more, Parcheggio Terminal Service/emmeti on your right who runs two more parking lots right here Google Maps and Venice City Park a little bit further down the road to your left Google Maps.

They all cost 6 euro (Venice City Park even 5:50) for 24h and you have all the buses going to Venice 50 meters away. And it will take you no more than 5 minutes to get there. This solution is way better than parking in Marghera or Mestre. Even if you choose a good parking lot next to the station or elsewhere. There is nothing as convenient anywhere on the land side as these parks right here.

Parking at the new parking lot in Porto Marghera.

There’s a brand new parking lot right here. 

Turn right the same street as above, 200 meters after the Venice Expo. At the first roundabout turn left and then immediately right. There are signs. 

This is a new parking lot and incredible as it may seem, it’s completely free. The only drawback is that you will have a 500 meters walk to get to the nearest bus stop. Back the same way you came. 

Park on the street at Porto Marghera

another industrial building in MargheraAround The Venice Expo, (Big and rather ugly steel building that was built to rob a little attention from Milan Expo 2015. While the Milan Expo was an international fair of reasonable success, the Venice Expo was more or less just one building. And it was nowhere near the Venice historical center but in an industrial area with no other attractions supporting it. So the outcome was a complete failure. And now all we have is another empty building in Porto Marghera where empty industrial structures are more common than rabbits in a cornfield…)   there are streets with blue lines. That means normal 80 cents per hour from morning to evening.

If you don’t even want to pay that you can park further away from the main road to Venice. Down here. It’s free but as said before… risky.

All of Via delle Industrie is Free. From northwest to southeast. On weekdays it’s crowded, but on weekends you can find a spot here. And if you park further northwest, you’ll have less to walk to reach the buss stop.

Parking in Venice – San Giuliano.

Maybe you’ve read somewhere someone who recommends parking at San Giuliano, the biggest park (…No, not park like parking. A park with trees… Not very big trees but still.) in the world. (…No, it’s not the biggest in the world, but we like to imagine it like that…)(… It’s pretty big though…). It used to be a reasonably good alternative, but lost some of its charms when ACTV, the local transport company abandoned the route. Now it’s run by private boats.

You can buy a combined ticket for 15 euro, car park + boat to Venice and back. Every added adult costs 10 euro for the boat, 8:50 if you’re under 25 and completely free if you’re under 12. The parking alone costs 10 euro.

The boats leave San Giuliano approximately once every hour. Link here.


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