Italy Travel Restrictions

Italian travel restrictions. Update September 1, 2022.

We’re now in a sort of post-Covid existence. The disease is still lurking out there in the shadows but it has much less impact on our daily life.

Most of the regulations are not in force anymore. With time the list of rules and restrictions has gotten shorter, and soon it will probably be gone. This is what’s left:

  1. To enter Italy you do not need any documentation apart from your Passport and Visa. The green pass, the vaccine mandates, and the test results are all gone. And it doesn’t depend on your origin, or where you have stopped over. Everybody is welcome just as it was before the Pandemic.
  2. Mask is still required on public transport; busses, trains, Vaporettos, etc. Not even onboard the airplane you are now required to put a mask on, although that is somehow not 100% agreed upon.
  3. You need a mask as well as a documented vaccination to access hospitals and health facilities if you are visiting or accompanying.

That’s it. I’m happy to see how this section gets smaller all the time. By the end of the year, I hope to have dropped it altogether. Let’s hope I’m right about that.

Italian travel restrictions