Italy Travel Restrictions

Italian travel restrictions. Update May 1, 2022.

Fortunately, the Pandemic takes up less of our interest of our daily life. After the Christmas boom, most European countries have seen a significate slowdown in contagion as well as severity of the disease. So, the general focus day by day points to other issues in our world. Wars, for example… This seemingly everlasting, destructing companion of mankind.

So, now, traveling around our continent has become easier. All the lists, and different regulations are slowly disapearing and simpler more understandable ways to travel, are in place.

The Italy travel restrictions practically come down to at least one of these three things, and the country of origin doesn’t matter anymore.

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  • Documented vaccination, not older than 9 months. Indefinite if you’ve had the booster dose.
  • Documented recovery from Covid, not older than 6 months.
  • A negative testresult from a molecular test (not older than 72 hours), or a antigen test (not older than 48 hours).

As you can see, it’t all much more straight forward now. For all those who are not vaccinated, and don’t have a negative test result, you will still be able to enter the country, but you need to self isolate for five days. After that you need a negative test result.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has created this questionnaire. It’s lost its significance since anyone is allowed entry now, no matter where you come from. I still put it here if you’d like to check it out.

The Green Pass becomes obsolete from May 1.

The Green Pass part of this article is getting shorter. From May the 1st, you practically only need the documentation of recovery, test, or vaccination to get into the country. Once here, you don’t need it anymore.

The only ecception for this is if you have to visit somebody at a hospital. If you’re a patient you’re obviously not required to produce any sort of covid documentation, but if you visit someone, vaccination, or documented recoevery is mandatory.

If you are still interested, here’s a link to more information about the Green Pass.

Self Isolation

Italian travel restrictions

Travel restrictions – Self-isolation in Italy. How does it work?

If quarantene is imposed, you are supposed to start your self-isolation immediately after entering the country.

You are allowed to travel the shortest and fastest route to reach your chosen destination. You are not allowed to use public transport. 

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You can rent a car, use your own car, let a friend (1 person) drive you, or use a taxi. 


You need some sort of Covid document to enter Italy. But once here, you can do anything, go to restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, etc without presenting a Green Pass, or equivalent.

Please respect the local guidelines for containing the spread: Mask-wearing (covering nose and mouth) on all means of transportation, in theaters, concert halls, cinemas, etc. when indoors. More about that here.