Getting to Venice

How to get to Venice

Now you’ve decided to visit us… A very good idea.
But how do you get here?

how to get to veniceMost visitors come by air. If you do you will probably land at Venice Airport Marco Polo.
If you fly with RyanAir you will land at Treviso Airport Antonio Canova. More about that later. From the Airport, be it Venice or Treviso, you will need to go to Venice.


marco polo venezia fermata aurobusBY BUS:

There are two companies running bus service in Venice: ACTV, the local, and ATVO, the regional. Both have buses to Venice. All buses part from right outside the terminal. First, the taxis then further out the buses.

ACTV runs the orange- or white with blue, green and orange stripes city buses. The number five is mostly, but not always, blue with “Aerobus” written in big letters. From the Airport, you take this one (number 5) (every 20 min) to Venice, Piazzale Roma or number 15 (every 30 min)  if you want to go to Mestre. The price is 8 euro. You need to buy the ticket before getting on the bus. Read more about the Venetian public transport here.

ATVO (white with “Airport Shuttle” on the side)(..or blue or grey with “ATVO” on the side) runs the Airport Shuttle (…right) and it will take you directly to Piazzale Roma without intermediate stops in 20 minutes. The price is the same, 8 euro. And you still need to buy the ticket before getting on the bus, the same as the orange buses.

venezia aeroporto autopbuss biglietteriaAt the Airport

Immediately to the left coming out through customs, there is a ticket office for both companies. Or you can buy the ticket from machines or even from real staff right next to where the buses are.

Straight ahead from the sliding doors after customs, you have more ticket offices of various nature.

Now if you’re on a really tight budget you could walk to the next bus stop. It’s quite a bit, a little less than a kilometre because you have to get out from the Airport area and down to the main road (You can’t miss it. There’s only one. Big roundabout, turn left.) and walk 300 meters to Tessera and the first bus stop on your right. From here the price is 1.50 euro, normal fare. You still need the ticket before you get on board, so you better get one at the ticket office before you start walking. The lady will try to convince you that the price is 8 euro but you just tell her that you’re going to walk all the way to the bus stop in Tessera. She will look at you with doubtful glare, convinced that you’re lying but still kind of satisfied that they will be able to fine you for 60 euro for not having a valid ticket.
So… if you’re the gambling type you could try to sneak on the bus and ride down to the Tessera bus stop without paying and validate the ticket when you get there. But chances are that the girl at the ticket office will be smiling all day…

how to get to veniceBY TAXI:

There’s a taxi station right outside the Airport (Before the buses, coming out from the terminal building). They are all white and the fare to Venice, Piazzale Roma is 40 euro. They have fixed prices. link


Boat is nice. After all, Venice should be visited from the water. That gives her a completely different touch compared to buses and cars. When you get through the sliding doors after baggage pick up and customs, you take the escalator to the second floor. There you turn left and follow the signs all the way venezia marco polo percorso per alilagune e taxidown to the end of the arriving hall. Here a 3-4 minute walk on the travelator will get you directly to the boats and once you get there you have various choices:


They take up to 10 persons and they take you directly to your hotel or close. The price is 120 euro for 4 persons, more if you’re more or you have more luggage than one piece a head. You can book in advance if you want. In that case, you pay a little less, 115 euro link

You can also book a single ride in a shared taxi, minimum of 2 paying customers. In this case, you really should book ahead instead of waiting for the taxi to fill up before you can go.

getting to venice by waterTip 1. There are a lot of companies online offering taxi solutions to Venice. Some of them will accompany you by car from the airport building to the boat. Then from the arrival point in Venice to your hotel. It’s a luxurious experience but the price can go from 120 to 300 euro so it’s really not worth it.

Tip 2. Beware of unlicensed taxis. An authorized taxi has a yellow stripe with the license number on a stick on the bow. At the airport, this wouldn’t be a problem. The taxis with a green flag are transporters, I don’t really understand the thing about it, but they don’t drive with fixed tariffs. You would have to agree of the price… So, stick with the yellow ones, and at least they won’t rip you off.

Tip 3. If you book the water taxi through your hotel, be sure to check and double check the price. Mark-ups can be really huge. Use these ones.


This is as close as you get to the public transfer. With them, you can ride to certain stops in Venice for 15 euro. Tickets are sold all over the airport as well as at a ticket office right next to the boats. Link to Alilaguna


If you come with RyanAir you will land in Treviso. They call it Venice-Treviso but it’s really Treviso… Like Paris is Beauvais, 80 kilometers away and Stockholm is really Skavsta more than 100 km away. Well, Treviso is 30 km away so it’s not that bad and you have frequent shuttles going back and forth. You just have to know what you’re talking about.

Not like the girl I met at Piazzale Roma some years ago asking for the airport shuttle. She had some 2 hours to departure and I showed her the bus. Then I got curious and asked her what airport. “Venice” she said. “But you’re sure it’s Venice airport in Venice?” I asked, feeling like I had just said something awkward. So she pulled out the ticket and in fact, it was Venice-Treviso. And suddenly the two hours weren’t so good any more. I got her on the right bus but I never knew if she made it.

Anyway, your best bet is still the ATVO bus company. They get you to Venice in 45 min. The ticket costs 12 euro single fare and 22 return, and they can be bought at the airport in the arriving hall, machines and maybe even on the airplane. The only bug is that the departures are not as regular as in Venice. Here’s the timetable.
There is another bus company, Barzi service, but you will end up on Tronchetto which is a parking island a15 minutes walk from Piazzale Roma. And you’ll be walking a lot in Venice so you would want to avoid that.

stazione s:a Lucia VeneziaBY TRAIN

Not much to say about that. You just roll into the train station Santa Lucia, which now has been thoroughly restored with shops and restaurants and tourist traps of all kinds. Walking out the front doors, down the stairs you can turn around and admire the flat façade in a monumental style typical for the Italian pre-war architecture.


If you come here by car there isn’t really any problem. You just drive straight ahead towards Venezia Centro Storico. Coming in from the west, you pay the fee at the toll station at the end of the motorway and take the first exit down to the big roundabout. Here you take the second exit towards Venice. Keeping the central lane first straight on and then slightly to the right, you’ll find yourself on Via della Libertà which will take you straight on 5 km to Ponte della Libertà over the Lagoon to Venice.

In Venice there are no streets, obviously, so your only problem is what to do with the car.

Parking in Venice