The new Venice Tourist tax II

Destinazione Venezia

The “Destination Venice”-ticket is a surcharge to the existing ticket fee when travelling with ACTVATVO, Arriva, or Busitalia. Ir will be implemented when Venice applies a tourist tax for travellers entering the city starting from July 1, 2020.

It is the first real novelty of the access fee. While the city of Venice is waiting to close the agreements with lancers, cruises and railway companies,  the local bus companies are already at a head start. It’s a surcharge on the normal fare that includes the new Venice tourist tax. It could mean a competitive advantage as it makes it easier to manage the extra bureaucracy. These companies cover most or almost all of the buses to Venice within the larger metropolitan area.

destinazione veneziaShortly the City council is expected to close deals with Trenitalia and Italo, the major train companies. It will be the same type of agreement and for the visitor, the complexity of it all may not be as big as we first thought. The software for defining the tourist and separate him from anyone who is excluded from the tax is already in place. Now they have to agree on the technical matters. Something that has proven more complicated than expected.

Perhaps even more difficult are the taxis and private cars. The cabs, both on water and on the streets, are not one big company as with the buses and the trains. The taxi-drivers I’ve talked to, say that they will not close any multi-cab-driver-deal similar to what the bus companies have. They could stretch to sell a ticket to the tourists but no more than that.

The private cars, on the other hand, may soon become completely banned from access to Piazzale Roma. The idea of making the road-access to Venice a ZTL, limited traffic zone, is forming. From 2022 it could very well be a reality. Major Brugnaro has talked about wanting to create something like the C-zone in Milan.

The C-zone in Milan

It works like this: Every workday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. traffic is limited. If you have a reasonably clean vehicle, you can get in if you pay. If you have an old car you don’t get in even with a ticket. Police, Ambulances, and a whole lot of others are excluded. A bit like the Tourist/Access fee. But all this would have to wait until 2022.

From the 1st of September, the ticket should have been 3 euro as stated before. As the starting date is put off until January 1, 2020, we do not know if it will actually start with a 3-euro-period or if it will be fully implemented right from the start; 3 to 10 euro in four levels.

In October additional information will come from the Venetian authorities. It could be 3 euro and then later in the spring turn to 3 – 10. My own guess is that they will postpone it again and start in spring with a 3-euro period, and then later in the year possibly divide the tax to something more divided. They have declared a possible revision of the whole system. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll be back in October 

The City is preparing for a massive advertisement campaign to explain and promote the new tax.  Explaining is good, promoting, well it’s a tax… Does it need promoting?

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destinazione venezia